Spiritual Counseling


Imagine being embraced by the highest forms of love, acceptance, forgiveness and understanding. Imagine being heard and listened to while being held in high reguard.

Imagine feeling safe enough, confident enough to simply be who you are.


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Spiritual counseling is an ongoing look at, discovery and development of your relationship with your soul and the world around you.

It is not mental health counseling. I am NOT a LMHC.

I am a spiritual teacher and facilitator of the healing within you.

Sometime we need someone on the outside to be our cheerleader, sounding board, our believing eyes.

Sometimes we need an outside perspective.

Spiritual counseling is remapping our mindset to a higher thought, a higher frequency. It allows the client the opportunity to rise above their current circumstances and create a new experience– a new life even while being incubated in safety, love and compassion.

Here we learn to trust ourselves, forgive ourselves and others. We learn to be our own best friend, release criticism and learn new empowered ways of being.

This takes time, dedication and commitment.

Spiritual Counseling is done confidentially over the phone or zoom for a more face to face experience.

The benefits are endless. Please read the testimonials of what others have experienced while working with me.

Ultimately your experiences and results are your own.

What I can promise is my dedication and commitment to you. I can not do the work for you but I can provide framework, guidance, simplistic instructions that when applied, huge results are possible.

Simple isn’t easy. Changing long time beliefs and patterns of behaviors can be very challenging. But you can do it! You can accomplish what ever you desire and I am so happy, blessed even, to support you on your journey.

Spiritual Counseling sessions are sold as packages only. This work takes time. If you are seeking a single session please click on our Alignment Sessions.

Package #1 (4) 60 minute sessions used either weekly or biweekly over a 1-2 month period –can be renewed
Investment $450

Package #2 (12) 60 minute sessions used over the course of 3-6 months –can be renewed
Investment $1275

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