As a spiritual teacher, healing channel and soul intuitive, I have been working professionally with people and pets both locally and internationally since 2001.
My unique spiritual gifts include the 4 clairs (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance) as well as medical intuition and mediumship.

About Me

Love & Recognition

Rebecca Lee is a Soul Intuitive. She leads and guides people to see the Light in themselves and also in others. Clearing blockages, expanding consciousness and providing meaningful guidance from your spirit guides, angels, teachers, and departed loved ones; Rebecca and her spiritual entourage serve as a guide and catalyst in your path to becoming your highest and greatest self while creating a lifestyle that is worthy of you. -Awakened Goddess Show

My Story

I opened up to spirit in the spring of 1996. It was a whirlwind experience and I, along with most people around me, thought I was going crazy. I could hear the thoughts of people around me; feel the pain, joy, suffering and emotions of others. I could see “things” no one else saw. Flowers and trees spoke to me, not to mention animals and insects too.

I always had spirits around me. I called them the invisible people. They would talk to me and put images in my mind. They kept trying to help me and teach me “how it works.”
I have a pretty good sense of humor and began to “play along” with these invisible people and their voices. I mean I thought I was crazy, I may as well enjoy it, right?

I began listening to them and understanding new ideas and ways of being. They have taught me many things and continue to teach me as I teach others and my life is blessed because of it.

I know that opening to Spirit, getting in tune with your inner voice may sound weird and crazy, but it will be the best decision you will ever make.

My purpose is to expose people to the magic around them; to open people to the possibilities of something greater. My mission is to empower others with the same spiritual teachings and truths that have been given to me and by doing so together we loosen the bonds of fear and fan the flames of enlightenment all over the world.

Our Intent…

Meaningful Guidance helps service minded soul seekers who struggle with self confidence, doubt and inconsistent results to achieve reliable relationship based connections with their source, their intuition and their guides by providing foundational practices for spiritual living with simple, practical, step by step actions that support intuitive development, healing abilities and connection to the subtle realms that will propel them forward towards a lifestyle and career that is attuned to their highest and greatest good.

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