Hey there, 

When I first learned about astrology I was blown away….Well thats not true, I was completely overwhelmed —it was too much information to take in. lol 

But yes, i was blown away when I learned to slow down and take it one piece at a time. Thats what I made this video for you!

I’m gonna show you an overview, the anatomy of a natal chart if you will. This 25 minute mini teaching will give you a bare bone basic overview of what a natal chart contains, how to get a free chart for yourself, the importance of your sun, moon, and rising sign…and so much more!! 

So go ahead and watch the video now and then….

  1. Go to astro.com and get your free chart
  2. Post that chart in our Facebook group here https://www.facebook.com/groups/520552952158913/  
  3. Ask your questions and get feed back from me about your chart!!

So much fun!

If you want to purchase your natal chart from me along with a deep and thorough interpretation of your personal chart you can get it here for only $30

(as a bonus) you can add extra charts to your basket with interpretations for only $10 each!! 

Simply read the description of the available charts and choose the purchase option for how many charts you want. After payment you will be sent to a page to choose the reports you want and enter your birth information.  



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