Getting grounded is all about being in control of your energy. It’s about connecting the body and the spirit more consciously and rooting your energy deeply into the earth beneath your feet. 

You may ask, “Why would I want to do that?”

Because if you are not living in your body someone else is! No, I am NOT talking about possession or anything creepy. 

Imagine standing in a current of waste high water. You can feel the push of the current wanting to pull you along, right? 

For people like me, those who are sensitive to energy, we can feel this current, this subtle pull of energy always around us. 

Now go back to the water analogy. Boats sail across the water using sails, propellers, paddles, or something to give direction so that the person can end up where they intend to be. If they didn’t they would be at the mercy of the sea. Going where ever the waves take them. Not too bad unless you are headed for a waterfall or rocky bank, right, this is exactly what we do not want to do!

It is very easy to get caught up in the flow of someone else’s energy.  People do it all the time. They are influenced by the energy around them instead of setting the course for themselves. 

People follow energy. Doubt me? 

Have you ever had a 2 year old in your house? You probably have things you don’t want that child to touch, right. Well the minute you put your attention to the item the child will run to get it.  Children are super sensitive to energy. They can feel the energetic link between you and the object you are focused on.  –Give it a try, you may feel like a mind control master.

Another example is taking children to the super market. Now I am sure you never let this happen with your child… 

They naturally want to run up and down the aisles and spin around at the ends (especially in the produce section). It is because that is how the energy runs in the stores. They are following the pattern of energy laid out before them.

Energy is all around us, you are either in directing it or being directed by it. Being grounded means you are conscious of it. Maybe not conscious of feeling it but certainly standing in your own shoes deciding where YOU want to go rather than blindly running around like a lemming.

Harsh? Good! You are meant to do great things and you cannot do them by following the masses.

So increase your confidence, grab a dose of courage, and remember what the heck you are doing in the garage anyway by Getting Grounded!

To learn more about getting grounded check out my class Mindset Makeover. It’s the first in a series of 3  “Foundational Classes for Spiritual Living”

Signs of being ungrounded
* you feel spaced out
* you bump into things
* you walk into a room and can’t remember why
* You forget things (often)…hehe and you thought you were just getting old ☺
* you feel fearful or anxious

These are a few signs of a root chakra imbalance (we will discuss this another time) and NOT being grounded.

Quick fix: Breathe, stand up and push your weight against the floor through your feet. Breathe! Notice your breath. Use your senses -touch, taste, smell, hear someting in the room. 

Until next time, live your most meaningful life


Rebecca Lee

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